We’ve built the framework, but this is your POS System – customized to your exact specifications, with the flexibility to be managed offsite and from any of your mobile devices. The QuikServe Solutions POS Restaurant System functions the way your customers think, which means your employees can take more orders with less mistakes and concentrate on the customer service that builds your business. The QSR industry runs on fast. You shouldn’t settle for a POS System that can’t keep up.

“Don’t make the mistake of choosing a POS system that was not designed for the specific needs of your QSR business.  With more than 20 years’ experience in QSR, QuikServe’s POS has been designed with the features to make it one of the most usable systems on the market while returning maximum ROI.”

QuikServe POS is a point of sale solution designed specifically for and solely focused on the QSR industry. Built on a Windows operating system, the QuikServe POS software is durable and dependable enough to meet the demands of the fast paced QSR environment. Whether your fast food restaurant needs two terminals or ten, the POS system is scalable and efficient in various configurations. QuikServe POS is compatible with an array of terminal and peripheral hardware options or sold with standard software and hardware pairings. Its core features were created with the speed and accuracy of your cashiers and your kitchen staff in mind….And results in happy customers!

  • Intuitive Touchscreen cashiering with optional button images
  • Integrated credit cards that operate with the credit card processor of your choice
  • Biometric readers for easy employee recognition
  • On the fly kitchen screen functionality
  • Optional Suggestive Selling for cashier upselling
  • Customer facing front counter flat screen display with video and order confirmation
  • Automatic Combo Up and Combo Down
  • Web Based Remote programming module
  • Clear, easy to read, customizable kitchen screen design

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