Maximizing Revenue Potential Through QuikServe’s Online Ordering Integration

Like everything else in our fast-paced, technology-driven society, the restaurant experience is changing rapidly, and you’re seeing the changes happen right in front of you. There was a time when online ordering was a niche innovation restricted for chains and pizza restaurants. Those days are gone, in fact, it’s expected that your restaurant offers not just online ordering options, but a robust one with a user-friendly app.

The benefits of online ordering are numerous:

  • Order Accuracy
  • Customer Convenience
  • Increased Productivity
  • Ability to Build Database of Customers
  • Targeted Marketing to Your Online Audience

Proper integration with a POS system will allow you to reap the benefits listed above and more.  It’s critical that your systems provide the ability for accurate and immediate orders to be delivered and processed through your restaurant systems without any flaws. Remember, besides picking up the order or having it delivered, the consumers’ entire experience is online.  One missing order or incorrect error could lead to a bad review and thus a domino effect you’ll want to avoid.  Making sure the right POS system is in place along with a dedicated customer support team at your disposal is paramount.

The good news for all of us is that this major game changer is not expensive or complicated.  It’s surprisingly simple and seamless IF the right POS system is in place supporting it.  It’s relatively easy to design an app that has the functionality, look and feel that will wow a consumer, but if it isn’t integrated with your POS system, then disaster awaits, unfortunately.

QuikServe is driven to provide our restaurants with the technology they need to keep up with customer demands. For this reason, we’ve partnered and completed the integration with Olo, an online and mobile ordering and delivery platform for restaurants that syncs with existing operations, systems, and brand.

See how the Olo system helped grow record sales for other QSRs:

The revenue stream from digital ordering is one that cannot be ignored. Contact us today (, 402-933-5296) for details on how Olo can seamlessly be integrated with your restaurant.

5 Ways to Increase Sales with Digital Menu Boards

How many times have you stood in front of your static menu signs wishing you had the ability to make them work harder for you? They can and they will – with Digital Menu Boards from QuikServe Solutions. Just think of us as your restaurant technology genie. With Digital Menu Boards, you’ll be able to make impactful, real-time changes to your sales, faster than you can say “I wish”. Here are five reasons to make the switch:

1.Promote High-Margin, Upsell Opportunities
Sell more of the items that are making you more profit, by making them stand out on your menu.

2. Feature Seasonal Items
Are those table tents convincing your customers to try your LTOs? See what happens when you bring your menu to life with video.

3. Ensure Daily Specials are Prominent EVERY Day
With Digital Menu Boards, you no longer have to decide which daily special is the most important.

4. Trigger Impulse Buys
Your customers are hungry. Remind them that they definitely have room for something extra.

Check it Out

5. Ability to Test Different Promotions and Price Points Early and Simultaneously in Multiple Locations
Evaluate market elasticity with A/B testing. This will help you determine the best prices that will add value to your customers and your business.

With the time it takes to print, ship and install new static menus, efficiently taking advantage of these opportunities is difficult, if not impossible. Installing QuikServe’s PING HD Digital Menu Boards gives you the flexibility to immediately make changes from any internet connected device. Using insights that can be generated from our suite of business intelligence solutions, you’ll have the information at your fingertips to make menu board adjustments that will drive revenue growth, keep food costs lower, and eliminate the traditional costs (i.e., time and money) involved in changing static boards.

OurLG Digital Menu Board technology, powered through PING HD, has been put through rigorous testing in our quality control lab, as well as field-tested on-location.  All Digital Menu Boards are set up, configured, and staged, before installation. We’d venture to guess there’s no scenario in the trenches that we haven’t tested our systems to overcome, all to ensure you’re installing the highest quality, most innovative technology in the industry today.

To find a configuration that will fit your restaurant or to see a demo, contact us at 402-933-5296 or email

Evolving One Complete Solution Through Years of Specialization

Since planting roots in data collection in 1993, QuikServe has dedicated resources to advancing innovative technology for restaurant, hospitality and retail operations. Today we’re fortunate to be one of the industry leaders in advanced POS system services and comprehensive enterprise reporting. This transformation didn’t happen overnight and wasn’t accomplished by simply dipping our toe in the various waters.  It was a product of dedicating the time, energy and resources over the years to become specialists in each solution before advancing it further.


Seamless Communication Through One Complete Solution


With dedicated development and technical teams focused on each category and solution we offer, we’ve been able to develop a powerful suite of tools and resources that deliver results across our clients’ entire operations. Through our acquisition of NBE Solutions in 2015, we extended our POS knowledge and services beyond QSR and into the full-service and retail sectors.


At QuikServe, we live by the principle that none of our solutions will be released until it’s considered the best in class, a principle that has guided us for over 25-years. Beyond our dedicated team approach to each solution and client, we put our technology systems through a rigorous, live environment stress test program until it exceeds the highest standards of service.  If it doesn’t succeed in our environment, we will not install it in our client’s.  


We’re fortunate to serve customers across the country in multiple areas of their businesses. Our technology solutions have provided increased productivity and efficiencies, but it is through our personal relationships, that lasting partnerships have been created.


If you’re interested in seeing how we can partner with you and build a customized solution for your business, contact us at 402.933.5296 or by email at