QuikServe: Champions for Cybersecurity

October, it’s the month where witches, ghosts and goblins come out. Those can stay, but there is one monster that we need to get rid of once and for all—cybercriminals.

October is National Cybersecurity Alliance Month (NCSAM) which is a month-long observation that was created as a collaborative effort between the government and the industry to make sure every American knows how to stay safe and secure online. This is the 16th year for NSCAM and it is co-led by NCSA and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency.

This year NCSAM is switching up the theme to be ‘Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.’ with a goal to encourage personal accountability and ways to be proactive in digital privacy and security while also educating on common cyber threats and cybersecurity careers.

In 2018, 1,379 organizations including—academic, public and private organizations and government institutions registered to be a champion for NCSAM. The Champions represent people who are committed to creating a safer and more secure internet.

This year, for the first year ever, QuikServe is excited to get involved and be a NCSAM Champion. We look forward to making a positive impact on the internet by educating our employees, partners and the community on how to be #CyberSmart this October.

You can become a champion as well. Visit this site to sign up: https://staysafeonline.org/ncsam/champions/signup/

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Pumpkin Spice Everything- Lattes, Donuts…Digital Menu Boards?

Ahhhh fall is in the air, and yes that is pumpkin spice you are smelling on every street corner. This isn’t pumpkin spice’s first rodeo though; these products have been a booming trend for the past decade, and it is still going strong.  

In fact, according to data from Nielsen, sales from pumpkin items increased by nearly 5% in 2018 bringing in $511.5 million.  

Another interesting fact is QSRs are pushing their “fall” menu items out earlier and earlier. This year Dunkin’ launched pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider donuts over a month before it was officially fall.  

Starbucks has a notorious fall lineup featuring a pumpkin spice latte, salted caramel mocha and pumpkin bakery items, yet they are staying on top of the trend by adding another pumpkin spice drink this year—the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew.  

Pumpkin spice is easy to sell for coffee shops and bakeries (we have yet to hear of a pumpkin spice burrito or burger).  But even if your QSR doesn’t have pumpkin spice items flying out your windows doesn’t mean you should sit out on another popular trend, autumn.

In a study by YouGov, autumn is the season that is most favored by Americans. So, whether or not you have pumpkin spice on your menu you should at least be using autumn to your advantage in advertising. 

Digital menu boards are a great investment for a QSR looking to tap into their customer’s autumn-emotions. They can display your seasonal items in high-resolution, moving imagery at your front counter or even screens in the drive-thru line to influence last-minute purchase decisions. 

Another perk we hear from QSR’s using our digital menu boards is the ability for them to change the items shown based on the time of day. For example, a restaurant could display their pumpkin spice latte during their breakfast hours and an autumn butternut squash soup during their lunch rush.  

Digital menu boards give restaurants the power to influence and have their customers continually fall for their products.

EMV Payment Processing: Why it’s Important

Do you have an EMV card, aka chip card? If not, chances are by the time you are issued a new debit or credit card it will be equipped with the microchip. The United States has been transitioning to these cards since 2011. But the importance of them is rapidly rising all because of one thing—fraud.

Many businesses are switching over to EMV technology to protect themselves from fraud liability. This adjustment can seem like an expensive price tag for many companies if their technology providers are not already equipped with EMV payment processors. At QuikServe Solutions EMV technology is already included with our state-of-the-art POS system, eliminating the stress of making sure your business is compliant.

Stats from 2018 show that counterfeit fraud has dropped by 76% for merchants who took advantage of EMV technology upgrades.

But how exactly does EMV payment processing protect your business?

When it comes to fraudulent charges whoever is the least EMV-compliant in the situation is liable for fraud. Meaning if your customer has an EMV card, but your system isn’t EMV compliant your restaurant is liable for charges over $25.

So, how do you implement EMV compliance? The answer lies in your POS system.

The QuikServe POS system is designed specifically for the quick serve restaurant industry. We have integrated credit card processing that operates with the credit card of your choice.

It is our goal to provide you with a top-notch POS system that is up-to-date with EMV payment processing to help keep your restaurant safe and fraud at bay.

To learn how QuikServe can work with you, please contact us at 402-933-5296 or info@quikserve.com.