Digital Menu Boards That Change the Way Your Customers Order

The time is now. Digital Menu Board are no longer the exception, but the norm – and for good reasons. If you’re looking for new ways to bring in revenue, Digital Menus offer a quick return on your investment.


  1. Promote High-margin, Upsell Opportunities
    Sell more of the items that you make you more profit, by making them stand out on your menu.

  2. Feature Seasonal Items
    Are those table tents convincing your customers to try your LTOs? See what happens when you bring your menu to life with video.

  3. Ensure Daily Specials are Prominent EVERY day
    With Digital Menu Boards, you no longer have to decide which daily special is the most important.

  4. Trigger Impulse Buys
    Your customers are hungry…remind them they definitely have room for dessert.

  5. Ability to Test Different Promotions and Price Points Early and Simultaneously in Multiple Locations
    Evaluate market elasticity with A/B testing. This will help you determine the best prices that will add value to your customers and your business.

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