QuikServe Culture & Team

Since 1993, QuikServe Solutions has been obsessing over the advancement of technology for the QSR community. What started as a way to streamline data collection quickly expanded into a complete restaurant solution of in-depth enterprise reporting and POS system services. Today QuikServe Solutions has over 2,000 installations supporting customers across the United States. Here are the people that keep all the moving parts working together. If you’d like to know a little more about them, simply click on their name.


Kevin Simmonds Restaurant POS Technology President

Can often be found on a bike trail. Was a vegetarian for a year. Magician extraordinaire in grade school.

Fun Fact: Kevin appeared in the Wilson Phillips music video “Hold On”. While his 15 minutes of fame only lasted a brief second, he really rocked it! See if you can find him – white t-shirt, Abraham Lincoln type beard.

VP of Sales & Operations


Kerry Clark Restaurant POS Technology Controller

Wife to Tim. Mom to Caleb & Cloie. Half Marathon Runner.

Fun Fact: Kerry once backcountry camped in the Rockies for 5 days…and survived even without her Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream!

Duane Robinson Restaurant POS Equipment Inventory Manager
Equipment Inventory Manager

Husband to Mila. Philanthropist to numerous organizations. Chef and baker to the pleasure of many.

Fun Fact: Duane often travels to the Philippines where he enjoys humanitarian work and taking photos of the fascinating culture and way of life.

Josh Augustine Restaurant POS Technology Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Coffee addict. Fan of all things Corgi. Has a fab chicken noodle soup recipe.

Fun Fact: Josh is a lifetime fan of the Atlanta Braves baseball team. He’s collected many player signatures over the years but one day he’s hoping to catch the ball of a home run hit.

Joe Bellus Restaurant POS Technology Developer

Has recently taken an interest in microelectronics and robotics and their use in the advancement of everyday technology.

Fun Fact: Joe’s least favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s Day. He believes the color green is a terrible wavelength.

Terry Berlin Restaurant POS Technology Data Analyst
Data Analyst

A thrill-seeker who enjoys riding his motorcycle and has logged 80+ sky dive jumps.

Fun Fact: Terry once drove a NASCAR around the Kansas City Speedway at 150 miles per hour.

Melisa Cavazos Restaurant POS Payroll Accounting and HR

Married to Pep. They’ve raised two great boys together, Alex & Chris, who keep them on their toes.

Fun Fact: Melisa was once a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas. That’s also where she perfected her famous margarita recipe.

Technical Support
Jason Fochek Restaurant POS Technology Account Manager
Account Manager

Good guy. Fun haver. Has two kids who love trying whatever new recipe he’s cooking up.

Fun Fact: Jason is self-admittedly bad at making coffee. The rest of the QuikServe Solutions team would back up the validity of this fact.

Melissa Fountas Restaurant POS Technology Marketing and Business Development Support
Marketing Communications and Brand Manager

Wife to Demetri. Mom to Theo. Melts at the sight of puppies. Has a goal of living more mindfully every day.

Fun Fact: Melissa has hung out with the Prime Minister of Greece (Alexis Tsipras) at his home in Athens on more than one occasion.

Karen Green Restaurant POS Technology Programmer

Amateur travel agent for her family. Has her eye on a cruise to Hawaii.

Fun Fact: Karen believes water is the most important resource to mankind…without it nobody could make coffee.

Shane Kegler Restaurant POS Security Lead and Equipment Repair Manager
Security Lead and Equipment Repair Manager

Husband to Katie. Dad to Sophia and Alivia. Has a knack for being able to handy-man fix almost anything.

Fun Fact: Shane’s self-declared soundtrack to life would start with the song, Island in the Sun by Weezer. Hip hip.

Technical Support
Field Technician


John Kloke Restaurant POS Technology Point of Sale Specialist
Point of Sale System Specialist

Tent camping enthusiast. Husband. Father to boys who keep him young at heart.

Fun Fact: John enjoys eating dinner out, but when asked for a name by the host or hostess, he will routinely give a name other than his own.

Nick Marion
POS Field Technician
Chad Marquis Restaurant POS Technology Account Manager and Business Analyst
Business Analyst/Account Manager

Peels out of the work parking lot every day blasting Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive”

Fun Fact: Chad is quite the joiner! He’s a Cub Scouts den Leader, little league coach, Knights of Columbus member and Chairman of his neighborhood’s SID board.

Chris Marquis Restaurant POS Chief Technology Officer
Chief Technology Officer

Native of Columbus, Nebraska. Fan of Star Wars. Techie at birth.

Fun Fact: Chris is a loyal QSR customer. He gets lunch from a different fast-food restaurant each day of the week. Do not ask him to share his French fries though.

Business Development
John Molloy
Field Technician
Kurt Morgan
NBE Service & Support Technician
Front-End Web Development
Technical Support Supervisor
Josh Pridemore Restaurant POS Technology Helpdesk
Technical Support Analyst

Lover of poorly made horror films. Supporter of the Autism Society of Nebraska.

Fun Fact: Josh has jumped out of an airplane for fun and would gladly do it again.

Technical Support Analyst
Software Developer
Rick Weist
NBE Service Manager
Field Technician
Restaurant POS office dog Bella
Office Dog

Chocolate Lab. Caretaker of Kevin Simmonds. Ball enthusiast.

Fun Fact: Bella recommends all dogs avoid late night runs with their bike riding humans. She and Kevin found themselves taking a skunk spray bath on their last nightly bike ride.

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