Business Intelligence

“Stay a step ahead of the rest with accurate and robust reporting of your businesses key performance indicators available when, where and how you need it”

The QuikStation Back of House Reporting oversees and tracks the most important pillars of your business: Sales, Labor, and Inventory, as well as Payroll Management. Manager time spent calculating and creating reports is minimized, increasing the availability for interactions with customers and crew members.


Back of House Reporting

The efficiency of your restaurant depends on the accurate tracking of every detail going in and every detail going out. All of that important data can be recalled in seconds with a click into your real-time reporting system, QuikServe Live. Generate reports on demand throughout the day to track sales and labor costs. These reports are not restricted to your office PC but can be accessed through any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

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For the Franchisor

Every day you make important decisions that will affect the bottom line of your organization and every Franchisee. You need accurate and concise data. You need to know how restaurant sales are trending, what customers are ordering, how this is changing over time and how these trends impact your bottom line. You need to know which operators are leading the pack and where there are opportunities for improvement. QuikServe Solutions will make sure you have the reporting data you need, when you want to have it, and in a format that’s easy to digest and take action on. Customize your restaurant reporting to your preferences. Give each member of your leadership team the reporting that’s essential to make the moves that will take your QSR Franchise to the top.


For the Franchisee

Go broad with consolidated figures for your restaurant or drill all the way down to transaction level detail. See reporting for the whole year or a real-time snapshot of what is happening in any restaurant, at any time, from anywhere. It is your data – use it how and when you want to. We will make sure it is complete, accurate and presented to you in a way that makes sense for you and your business. We know how to deliver the information you need to see opportunities to drive profits and make your business win!

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