Kitchen Display System

The Kitchen Display System software used with the QuikServe POS system pairs a reliable and economical hardware setup with software that was designed to maximize kitchen efficiency and user friendliness for the QSR kitchen staff. The Kitchen Display System allows orders to be sent automatically from the POS order taker to the kitchen monitors and are custom organized to your store’s kitchen processes. Orders will get back to your customers correctly and quickly with this streamlined approach to preparing food.


Key Features Specifically Designed for the QSR Kitchen

  • Consolidation
    Instead of listing each food item separately, this optional setting consolidates like items to conserve space and expedite food prep during your peak restaurant hours.
  • Display
    Orders from the POS order taker are sent directly to the kitchen screen monitors where they are displayed within a grid-like format. The number of orders shown on each screen is customizable to match the restaurant’s needs, making an efficient use of monitor space unique to your kitchen.
  • Filtering
    Order cards can be organized distinctively for each kitchen monitor. Choose if cards are separated by Customer, Terminal, Destination, Item Category or Menu Item.
  • Adjustable Modes
    • Prep: Food items are listed out and consolidated by items needed, making food prep straightforward and prompt.
    • Bagging: Food items are listed under their hierarchy (combo or group number) and by what food items belong on each tray or to-go bag.
    • On The Fly: Each item wrung up on the POS order taker will be sent immediately to the kitchen monitors instead of waiting for the entire order to be finalized (On-Total Mode).

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