Forget Elves, Your POS is The Holiday Help You Need

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus right down drive-thru lanes.

Holiday shopping is officially upon us. And busy shoppers are hungry shoppers. Is your QSR ready to meet the demand of the holiday season? Santa has a lot of elves to help him out this time of the year, but you can do one better than him with the right POS system in your restaurant. 

Make sure you are using your POS system to your full advantage this holiday season to keep those customers merry and bright. 

First, you want to work fast—but if your POS isn’t user-friendly fast won’t be happening in your restaurant. The QuikServe POS functions the way customers think, which means your employees can take more orders with fewer mistakes. 

People are already spending a lot of money during this season, so what’s an extra dollar for a large drink or a side of guacamole? Having a POS that makes upselling easy is critical to helping restaurants make a profit while keeping the transactions moving fast. 

Look at the data you can receive from your POS as the gift that keeps on giving during the holidays. The QuikStation Back of House Reporting can track the most important pillars of your business such as sales, labor and inventory. Our POS will help you manage every detail going in and out of your restaurant. 

The data you gather will help you make smarter business decisions based on trends and top-selling items. QuikServe’s Back of House Reporting can give you these reports from the whole year all the way down to real-time. 

Set yourself up for success this holiday season with the right POS system for all your business needs.  

To learn more how QuikServe can help you this holiday season, please contact us at 402-933-5296 or by email at

Ways Your Restaurant Can Go Green

Restaurants are constantly running which means they are constantly using up products and resources. But how much waste is your restaurant putting out? Is this something you think about as a restaurant owner? It should be, and your customers think so too. Reducing waste isn’t only the right thing to do, but it can also save you some extra dollars.

  • According to a Yale University and George Mason University survey, 98% of Americans are at least somewhat, if not very, worried about the current state of the environment.
  • The Nielsen Company states that close to three-fourths of the consumers between the age of fifteen and 38 would pay more for sustainable products and services.
  • National Restaurant Association reported 51% of consumers say the availability of environmentally friendly food would make them choose one restaurant over another.
  • A study done by Champions 12.3 found that for each dollar invested in cutting food waste, restaurants save $7.

These statistics could leave QSR decision-makers wondering if they are doing all they can to protect the environment and appeal to the large group of eco-friendly consumers. Here are some ways your QSR can become environmentally friendly and save some bucks.

Reduce Energy Consumption. It’s no surprise that energy is constantly being used in restaurants due to lighting, cooling and refrigeration but there are ways you can save in these areas. For one, make sure your appliances and lights are energy-saving ones. When building a new franchise invest in energy-efficient insulation, this can save you on heating and cooling cost.

Reduce food waste. You can’t control how much your customers leave on their plate and we understand you want to give them the most bang for their buck. So instead of reducing their portion sizes and risk losing customers, focus on something you can control like your inventory. The right POS system will help you better manage your inventory so you can avoid over-ordering on food items that won’t last as long.

Reusable Supplies and Eco-friendly supplies. Some QSRs such as McDonald’s and Starbucks have already implemented ways to go green by introducing paper straws which will reduce plastic build up in the environment. If your restaurant uses plastic packaging/utensils, make the switch to something that is biodegradable.

Go Digital. Digital menu boards and in-store digital advertisements are rapidly growing. Not only are these menu boards environmentally smart they are financially smart as well. Digital menu boards will remove the need for excess printing of new menus or featured items, instead, you can change your boards as often as you’d like with no harm to the environment.

Appeal to all lifestyles. The number of U.S. consumers who identify as a vegan went from 1% to 6% in just three years This may seem like a small market, but the number of vegans continues to rise every year. More and more restaurants are providing at least a couple of vegan options to appeal to those customers.

Donate. Statistics show that consumers care. They want to reduce waste as much as possible and they support restaurants that care about this as well. We saved the best tip for last…donate any surplus of food that you have at the end of the day. Start a partnership with a local food bank and don’t be afraid to share this with the public via your social channels. This kind of positivity is bound to gain you some loyal customers who are proud to stand behind your restaurant.

Tips for Having a Grand Slam QSR Opening

It’s the bottom of the 9th inning of the World Series, your team is down three points, bases are loaded, you’re up to bat and have two-strikes.

That’s a lot of pressure for one person. This is the same kind of pressure you may be feeling if you are about to have a grand opening for your new restaurant.

Here are some helpful tips to knock your grand (slam) opening out of the ballpark:

1. Social media. This is essentially free advertisement, so you should be using these platforms to your advantage. For the food industry, Instagram is best to showcase your food and restaurant with vibrant, trendy photos. Twitter is a great way to engage with your followers. Social media is where you can let your creativity flow…and don’t forget to create a unique hashtag!

2. Staff bonding. Get to know your staff well before the opening. A grand opening can be a stressful time for all employees. Make the time to have a couple of team bonding experiences prior to the event. This will help increase work morale and develop a high-quality team.

3. Offer something free. Simply mention the word ‘free’ and you will have people flocking to your door. We know free isn’t something you can offer often, but if there is one day you should offer free stuff it is your grand opening. Some ideas for free perks could be a drink ticket, an appetizer or even an entry into a raffle for some big prizes. Whatever you decide to offer promote this on your social media pages.

4. Schedule and train staff properly. First, it’s always good to be overstaffed for a grand opening because the last thing you want is to lose new customers due to long wait times. Second, train your staff to be fast, efficient and friendly. Poor service will not result in repeat customers. Set aside time before the opening to have your employees come in and do training on your POS system, payment methods and how to handle different customer interactions.

5. Technical Support. Have a technology provider offers 24/7 support. If an issue comes up the opening day you can’t wait until the next morning for their help, you need it now!

6. Charity Involvement. People like to be a part of a good cause. Find a local charity that you align with and see how you can involve them with the grand opening.  

Now use these tips, get your fans excited and have a victory-filled opening. For the best technology and support team to assist you on opening day and every other day give QuikServe a call at 402-933-5296 or email us at

Are you using a POS system designed specifically for your business?

It’s no secret, there are countless POS systems available today depending on the business model and category a business is engaged in. The question is never about the options available, it’s about whether businesses are focused on finding the POS systems designed specifically for their industry.  Equally as important is the characteristics and background of the company designing, implementing and supporting the POS systems being considered.

Technology is and will always be evolving and there are many systems out there that can be adapted to different business categories.  This we know is true.  What’s critical is finding and partnering with a company whose core foundation is built around the industry your living in the trenches with day in and day out.  In the QSR industry, it would be hard-pressed to find a firm more entrenched than QuikServe Solutions.  For over 20 years, QuikServe has been an innovative leader and technology solutions specifically designed for the QSR industry.  While some technologies can be adapted to different industries, the planning and support that goes into them comes from experience and overcoming the challenges that keep those in the QSR industry up at night.

Whether you’re an outfit that requires 2 POS units or 50, QuikServe has designed, implemented and with 24/7 support, built POS systems that can be easily scalable and include:

  • Intuitive Touchscreens
  • Integrated credit cards that operate with the credit card processor of your choice
  • Biometric readers for easy employee recognition
  • On the fly kitchen screen functionality
  • Optional Suggestive Selling for cashier upselling
  • Customer facing front counter flat screen display with video and order confirmation
  • Automatic Combo Up and Combo Down
  • Web Based Remote programming module

Each element of our POS system technologies is rigorously tested in our quality control facility in our headquarters. Real on-the-ground stress test scenarios are created to ensure our solutions perform beyond expectations when they’re installed. 

While our technology solutions are unique, what really sets QuikServe apart is our attention to customer service.  You’re not a number, you’re a partner and we dedicate ourselves to a 24/7 clock. Whether it’s building technology solutions or being available to work hand-in-hand with you, we take the approach of being in your shoes and operating as if your business, is ours.

To learn more about how QuikServe can customize a POS system for you, contact us at 402.933.5296 or