Create Customer Experience with Digital Menu Boards

The new Chief Digital Officer for Dell, Jennifer Felch, recently said, “We must create compelling and efficient experiences for our customers and team members. This often requires us to transform our traditional processes into digital processes, where there are no delays due to manual intervention, batch processes or legacy infrastructure.”

Most restaurants started off with printed menus and posters displaying advertisements or seasonal items and some restaurants still use these. While printed menus and ads are effective at displaying necessary content they fail at creating an experience for your customer, which can directly impact your sales.

2020 is right around the corner and digital technology will only become more and more prevalent in the upcoming years especially in the fast food industry. In order to keep your restaurant on top, it is imperative that you consider the implementation of digital menu boards and super graphic screens in your restaurant if you haven’t already.

Technology can oftentimes feel like a scary investment. As a business person, you want to see the statistics on how something can benefit the company. Here are a couple of quick stats from a study that Nielsen Research conducted on digital signage and advertising:

  • 300% increase of sales when aided by a promotion.
  • 68% agreed that digital advertising would influence their decision to buy the advertised products in the future.
  • 44% agreed that advertising on a screen has “influenced them to buy the advertised product instead of the one they planned to buy.”

As you can see a digital menu board can be just what you need to increase sales at your restaurant because it allows for items to be displayed in a high-quality way to trigger impulse buys from your customer.

For example, you have a person who comes into your restaurant and they think they want two tacos and a medium drink but while they were waiting in line they were being entertained by your super graphic screen which is displaying several new menu items. By the time they get to the cashier, they have changed their mind and now they want your new supreme burrito, a medium a drink and your seasonal dessert special. Congratulations! Your customer just went from a $3.50 order to a $6.00 order, all because of your enticing video advertisements that were too good to resist.

Now let’s say this kind of impulse buy happens to 150 people per day, in no time you will be seeing an increase in sales all thanks to digital technology that is entertaining your customers with video advertisements while they wait in line.

If you are ready to take the dive into the digital world contact QuikServe Solutions today for more information.

Ways Your Restaurant Can Go Green

Restaurants are constantly running which means they are constantly using up products and resources. But how much waste is your restaurant putting out? Is this something you think about as a restaurant owner? It should be, and your customers think so too. Reducing waste isn’t only the right thing to do, but it can also save you some extra dollars.

  • According to a Yale University and George Mason University survey, 98% of Americans are at least somewhat, if not very, worried about the current state of the environment.
  • The Nielsen Company states that close to three-fourths of the consumers between the age of fifteen and 38 would pay more for sustainable products and services.
  • National Restaurant Association reported 51% of consumers say the availability of environmentally friendly food would make them choose one restaurant over another.
  • A study done by Champions 12.3 found that for each dollar invested in cutting food waste, restaurants save $7.

These statistics could leave QSR decision-makers wondering if they are doing all they can to protect the environment and appeal to the large group of eco-friendly consumers. Here are some ways your QSR can become environmentally friendly and save some bucks.

Reduce Energy Consumption. It’s no surprise that energy is constantly being used in restaurants due to lighting, cooling and refrigeration but there are ways you can save in these areas. For one, make sure your appliances and lights are energy-saving ones. When building a new franchise invest in energy-efficient insulation, this can save you on heating and cooling cost.

Reduce food waste. You can’t control how much your customers leave on their plate and we understand you want to give them the most bang for their buck. So instead of reducing their portion sizes and risk losing customers, focus on something you can control like your inventory. The right POS system will help you better manage your inventory so you can avoid over-ordering on food items that won’t last as long.

Reusable Supplies and Eco-friendly supplies. Some QSRs such as McDonald’s and Starbucks have already implemented ways to go green by introducing paper straws which will reduce plastic build up in the environment. If your restaurant uses plastic packaging/utensils, make the switch to something that is biodegradable.

Go Digital. Digital menu boards and in-store digital advertisements are rapidly growing. Not only are these menu boards environmentally smart they are financially smart as well. Digital menu boards will remove the need for excess printing of new menus or featured items, instead, you can change your boards as often as you’d like with no harm to the environment.

Appeal to all lifestyles. The number of U.S. consumers who identify as a vegan went from 1% to 6% in just three years This may seem like a small market, but the number of vegans continues to rise every year. More and more restaurants are providing at least a couple of vegan options to appeal to those customers.

Donate. Statistics show that consumers care. They want to reduce waste as much as possible and they support restaurants that care about this as well. We saved the best tip for last…donate any surplus of food that you have at the end of the day. Start a partnership with a local food bank and don’t be afraid to share this with the public via your social channels. This kind of positivity is bound to gain you some loyal customers who are proud to stand behind your restaurant.

Pumpkin Spice Everything- Lattes, Donuts…Digital Menu Boards?

Ahhhh fall is in the air, and yes that is pumpkin spice you are smelling on every street corner. This isn’t pumpkin spice’s first rodeo though; these products have been a booming trend for the past decade, and it is still going strong.  

In fact, according to data from Nielsen, sales from pumpkin items increased by nearly 5% in 2018 bringing in $511.5 million.  

Another interesting fact is QSRs are pushing their “fall” menu items out earlier and earlier. This year Dunkin’ launched pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider donuts over a month before it was officially fall.  

Starbucks has a notorious fall lineup featuring a pumpkin spice latte, salted caramel mocha and pumpkin bakery items, yet they are staying on top of the trend by adding another pumpkin spice drink this year—the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew.  

Pumpkin spice is easy to sell for coffee shops and bakeries (we have yet to hear of a pumpkin spice burrito or burger).  But even if your QSR doesn’t have pumpkin spice items flying out your windows doesn’t mean you should sit out on another popular trend, autumn.

In a study by YouGov, autumn is the season that is most favored by Americans. So, whether or not you have pumpkin spice on your menu you should at least be using autumn to your advantage in advertising. 

Digital menu boards are a great investment for a QSR looking to tap into their customer’s autumn-emotions. They can display your seasonal items in high-resolution, moving imagery at your front counter or even screens in the drive-thru line to influence last-minute purchase decisions. 

Another perk we hear from QSR’s using our digital menu boards is the ability for them to change the items shown based on the time of day. For example, a restaurant could display their pumpkin spice latte during their breakfast hours and an autumn butternut squash soup during their lunch rush.  

Digital menu boards give restaurants the power to influence and have their customers continually fall for their products.

Digital Menu Boards That Change the Way Your Customers Order

The time is now. Digital Menu Board are no longer the exception, but the norm – and for good reasons. If you’re looking for new ways to bring in revenue, Digital Menus offer a quick return on your investment.


  1. Promote High-margin, Upsell Opportunities
    Sell more of the items that you make you more profit, by making them stand out on your menu.

  2. Feature Seasonal Items
    Are those table tents convincing your customers to try your LTOs? See what happens when you bring your menu to life with video.

  3. Ensure Daily Specials are Prominent EVERY day
    With Digital Menu Boards, you no longer have to decide which daily special is the most important.

  4. Trigger Impulse Buys
    Your customers are hungry…remind them they definitely have room for dessert.

  5. Ability to Test Different Promotions and Price Points Early and Simultaneously in Multiple Locations
    Evaluate market elasticity with A/B testing. This will help you determine the best prices that will add value to your customers and your business.

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